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Investor, Entrepreneur, Both?

The lines between founders, investors, partners, and acquirers are blurring. Gone are the days when “both sides of the table” are clear. We live in the blur.

We've been there too.

We understand each of those perspectives having founded companies, raised debt and venture capital, invested capital, built incubators, and supported numerous founders and product launches.

Early stage is where our ♥ is.

We thrive when things are chaotic and moving fast. We keep all the balls in the air and keep a thoughtful eye on the horizon too.


We’re explorers, creatives, geeks, and builders crafting opportunity in the wild west of product launch.

We partner with entrepreneurs to take their ideas from vision to reality.

Startups we’ve worked with have gone on to gain acceptance into accelerators, receive venture backing, and launch products and services their users love.

We partner with investors to make sense of investment landscapes and individual opportunities.

From investor briefs and deep market research, to working directly with portfolio companies, we help investors drive value into their portfolios.

We partner with corporates to build innovation platforms that drive real value.

Current Consulting is the first group in the world to launch and build three independent accelerators and incubators each in collaboration with a global corporate. Companies born, invested, or acquired in early stages have gone on to raise millions of follow-on capital, launch nationally, and drive an innovative mindset back into the corporate. We can help your company instill an entrepreneurial culture, harness design thinking, and create opportunities.

We work with venture labs to develop products and build teams.

Problem identification, experimentation, design thinking, prototyping, and getting a team up and running - we help with every step of ideation to realization.

We roll up our sleeves to help you with:
Strategy. Product. Engineering. Finance. Operations. Design. Investment.

Just a few of the awesome teams we’ve worked with to source, select, invest in, and enable growth for their incubated and invested portfolio companies

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Backstage Capital and Backstage Accelerator invest in and support underrepresented founders.

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An industry leading platform for companies taking on broken food systems to bring better food to more people.

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Mars SEEDS of CHANGE Accelerator sources, invests in, and enables growth for early stage food and food tech companies.

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Fund focused on backing software and internet technology companies at the Late Seed, Series A and B stages.

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Pernod Ricard is a house of premium brands for créateurs de convivialité that uses technology from manufacturing through consumer engagement.

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ZX Explore works to incubate and accelerate companies, both internal and external, which can leverage the expertise behind AB InBev’s brands and distribution globally.

Just a few of the awesome companies we’ve worked with from vision through launch

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Kickup helps school districts use data to power job-embedded professional learning. Investors include Red House Education, Reach Capital, Rittenhouse Ventures, and more.

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[Redacted] brings to market first of their kind cannabinoid based medicines targeting rare diseases in orphan therapeutic areas.

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Rebuilding the consumer-brand relationship. Investors include the former Chairperson of the National Retail Federation / CEO of Saks, co-founder of Gilt, founder of The Carlyle Group, and more. #2 App of the Day on Product Hunt.

Resourcefulness over resources.

Waste not, want not. We cherish the hacker mentality - doing more with less.

Simple over complex.

"It's hard to explain" is a bad starting proposition. We start from base knowledge and human behavior.

Truth seekers over prognosticators.

"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is." ~Yogi Berra

We love to think about the future, but we don't let our hypotheses get in the way of seeking truth. Our quest is to build and improve products and experiences in ways that may be hard to predict. Build-Measure-Learn repeat.

Students over know-it-alls.

“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.” ~Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

The more we learn the more we realize how much we don't know. We absolutely make use of frameworks and past learnings, but we do so with an open mind. We are experimenters at heart.

Free radicals over status quo lovers.

"Free radicals are highly chemically reactive... their possibilities are endless... Whether you see them or not, they are everywhere and they are crafting the future." ~Scott Belsky, The Messy Middle

We love free radicals. They may not look like us, but we know one when we see one. We help find them and match them with the skills, resources, team, and connections to do what they do best - make a difference.


info at hellocurrent.com